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Board of Directors

Board Meetings and Related Items

(Updated 8/9/2021)

All Prince William Lassie League Board meetings are open to League parents and players and take place on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30 pm. Our meetings use agendas to keep us focused, though there is generally a New Business agenda item for things that simply crop up. Please contact a Director listed below if you have something you want discussed so that we can make sure we schedule time for it. It’s also a good idea to check with him before a meeting to confirm where and when a given meeting will take place, as there are occasionally exceptions to our meeting schedule. 


If you have any questions about the Prince William Lassie League, please call any of the Directors listed below.  In the event that an e-mail address or phone number's not listed, contact a Director who is listed and the Director in question will get your message!


Please note that for any questions regarding the game schedule for a Division the person to contact is the applicable Division Director, below.


2021/2022 Board of Directors

(Updated 8/9/2021)


Note: You will find short League-pertinent biographies of each of our Directors on our Director Biographies page!  It's not complete yet but check back as more bios are added.

Note: Officer elections are in July; the following assignments will be updated as needed at that time.

President Patrick Ware 571-393-3938

Vice President Mike Holmes
Director of Umpires and Scheduling Patrick Ware


Equipment Director


Dave Tyler


Instructional Division Director (girls aged 5 - 7)Marvila Arevalo

Pigtail Division Director (girls aged 8 - 10)

Brandy Hall 571-494-7762
Junior Division Director (girls aged 11 - 13)
Patrick Ware

Senior Division Director (girls aged 14 - 18)
Mike Holmes 571-242-4190

Marvila Arevalo


Director of Ways and Means

Brandy Hall  571-494-7762  
Sponsors Coordinator

Brandy Hall
Secretary Walter Kelley

Registrar Bill Rutherford


Publicity Director

Brandy Hall
Bill Rutherford703-878-1225

USA Softball Coordinator

Patrick Ware


Bill Rutherford703-878-1225





2021/2022 Additional Officers


Skills Clinic