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Girls' Slow Pitch Recreational Softball

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions, or How do you DO that?

In addition to this FAQ page you will find more information related to this web site on the Blue Sombrero Parent Registration FAQs page.  There's a wealth of information about the ins and outs of registration and you may just find your answer there - so check it out!

  • Q: Season length - how long does the season run?

    A: We start practice around April 1 and our All Stars game and closing ceremony are held on Closing Day which is typically in the middle of June as school ends. The actual date for Closing Day varies from year to year and appears in the PWLL Planning Calendar.

  • Q: Games - how many games are there per week?

    A: In most cases a team will play two games during the week (starting at 6:15 pm), and one on Saturday (starting anywhere from 9am until 3pm) and usually will have one practice per week.  The PWLL game schedule for each team will be finalized after Draft.

  • Q: Games - how long do games usually run?

    A: In most cases games are between an hour and 15 minutes and an hour and a half in length. Practices usually run about an hour in length.

  • Q: Games - where are games usually played?

    A: All games are played at Cloverdale Park.  The schedule that you receive will contain the actual dates and times for all games.

  • Q: Schedule - when will team practice and game schedules be published?

    A: Your player's coach should provide you a complete schedule of team events no later than March 26.  If you do not receive anything by that date please contact your Division Director as listed on our Board of Directors page.

  • Q:Draft - What is the Draft and where and when does it take place?

    A: Please see our Draft Information page for full details of the PWLL Draft!

  • Q: Rain - what if it's raining when my player's game's scheduled?  What do I do?

    A: The League generally plays when the county fields are open.  If the fields are closed we don't play.  You can call the Park Authority's field conditions phone number for Cloverdale Park - (703) 792-3286 - to find out whether your field is open:

Field #1 is the Junior field, Field #2 is the Pigtail field, Field #3 is the Senior field, and Field #4 is the Instructional field.

  • Q: Registration - How do I register my player(s) in the PWLL?

    A: It's easy!  Check out our Registration Page for the full details!

  • : Equipment - what equipment do I need my player to bring with her to the Prince William Lassie League (PWLL)?

    A: Shoes, shorts, and a glove.  Shoes can be traditional sneakers though in the older divisions many players prefer soft rubber cleats (i.e. something a player could be stepped on with, without injury).  Specific shorts are frequently recommended by a team's coach so you should delay acquiring any until your player's assigned to a team.  If your player's new to softball, you will probably want to delay acquiring a softball glove until talking to your player's coach as well, for recommendations on costs and sources.

  • Q: Equipment - what equipment will the PWLL provide?

    A: All field equipment, batting helmets, balls, and bats, as well as a team uniform tee shirt your player will use and keep.

  • Q: Referrals - what's the story with referrals?

    A: For each new player (i.e. somebody not currently in our player database) your registered girl brings to the PWLL, your girl will get a $5 referral reward.  How do you do it?  On the registration form (see the form on our Registration Page) there's a field called "Player referred by" - just make sure your player's name appears in that field and she gets a reward!

  • Q: Sponsorships - what do I do if I want to sponsor a team?

    A:Check out our How to Sponsor a Team page for the full details!

  • Q: Fundraisers - does the Prince William Lassie League hold fundraisers?

    A: During the course of the season there may from time to time be completely voluntary fundraisers like car washes, etc., to help raise funds for the League.  We do not sell candy or cookies or participate in any other required annual fundraisers.