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Girls' Slow Pitch Recreational Softball

Coaches' Information

Coaches, Please Read!

League Rules updated and Rules Review Document added!  See link at page bottom!  (as of  12/9/2019)

Want to coach a team?

If you want to coach a team please contact the Division Director of the Division in which you wish to manage immediately. 

USA Softball (formerly ASA) Logistics Notes


  • Information about Divisional coaches' meetings will be announced here so check back often!
  • REMEMBER:  When you (coaches) complete your USA Softball background checks (see below) you must let our USA Softball Coordinator (contact info for our USA Softball Coordinator, is on our Board of Directors page), know so they can enter you into the League Database so we have a record of your completion.

    You must provide your

Exact name (exactly how you registered w/USA)
USA Softball registration number
Date of birth
(including zip code), telephone number and email address.  

This information is all required so that it can be entered into the League Database on the USA Softball website.

USA Softball Registration

All Prince William Lassie League team coaches must be registered with USA Softball in order to coach a team. 

  • USA Softball background checks are required for head coaches and and all assistant coaches.
  • All head coaches and assistant coaches are required to complete the ACE (Achieve, Certify, Educate) Coaching Certification every 2 years.  New coaches must complete the level 1 ACE and in 2 years, the level 2 ACE, etc.

You can register with USA Softball at

If you are a returning coach please use your previous year's profile.

If you are a new coach click on the "Create Profile" button and make sure you include all required information.  Please use the following information to complete the form:

  • Association: VA - Central Virginia USA Softball
  • Group: JO (Youth) - lge - League
  • League: PWLL
  • Membership Type: Head Coach or Coach

You can see a copy of the USA log-in page here.* (Just as an example)

If you have any questions please contact Jim Greener, our USA Softball Coordinator, on our Board of Directors page.

  • All Coaches and assistant Coaches need to have their USA Softball Certification and Background Checks completed before the draft
  • A minimum of Level 1 training must be completed for head and primary assistant Coaches as well. 

Questions?  Please contact our USA Softball Coordinator on our Board of Directors page.

Concussions - Causes and Prevention

This is the same blurb as appears on the Concussions page but it's important enough to appear here too!

A concussion is a brain injury caused by a bump or blow to the head that can change the way your brain normally works.  Even what seems to be a mild bump or blow to the head can be serious!  As a coach, parent or player in the Prince William Lassie League, you play a vital role in sharing this information with players and parents, to minimize the risk and occurrence of concussions. 

Prince William County requires all adult youth sports staff (in the PWLL this includes coaches, assistant coaches and Directors) to take basic concussion information training.  It's free and it's easy!  Just go to (click on the link) to take the training.  At the end of the training you will be provided a completion certificate.  When you've done so, give or email your certificate to your Division Director and you're ready to go! 

If you've already taken the training (perhaps because of your involvement in another sport) and you did so within the past 12 months, your certificate from that training is valid and you can provide that to your Division Director..

One of our Directors found this Youtube Video published by the Prince William County Schools.  If it's not clear to you why we want to avoid our players getting concussions, this explains it in a pretty graphic manner.

Let's work together to make our upcoming season the best - and safest - ever!

Gear Storage

  • Each field has an equipment box. 
  • Lime, lime spreaders, rakes, and shovels are in the shed. 
  • There are ice packs in the freezer in the shed as well.  If you use an ice pack please return it to the freezer when you're done so it will refreeze for the next user.
  • Note:  The equipment storage box at Leitch Field has a PWLL sticker on it to help you identify it, on the 1st base dugout side.

Game Balls

  • Coaches will be provided their game balls by the umpire at the game.

Pre-game Field Setup and Post-game Field Tear Down

  • The home team is responsible for setting up and tearing down.  The equipment box must be locked before the home team coach leaves.
  • On Saturdays, the home team for the first game of the day sets up the field and the home team for the final game of the day tears down the field and puts all gear away.
  • Please pay attention to the schedules so you know whether there will be a game after yours (i.e. so you know whether you're responsible for tearing down...)

General Upkeep and Tidiness

  • Each team is responsible for their area around the field, including bleachers, and trash cans.  These must be cleaned up after each game.
  • Please pick up all trash!  Otherwise the team who shows up to play, only to find a littered, messed up field, could be yours!
  • There are extra trash bags in the equipment shed for your use in cleaning up.
  • The Prince William County Park Authority will fine the PWLL if fields are left in bad shape so please clean up after yourselves!

The last PWLL staff - that includes coaches, Directors and other League staff - out of the park must make sure the equipment shed is locked.  There's a key box on the shed containing the keys.

League Rules for each Division



*You'll need a current copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, downloadable for free from Adobe, to read this file.