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Girls' Slow Pitch Recreational Softball

League Document Repository

This is a central repository of various documents pertinent to the Prince William Lassie League.

  • Banner Contest Guidelines* - if you're making a banner for the Opening Day banner competition, read this!  
  • Bat and Glove Guide* - This will provide you some basic guidelines on acquiring a softball glove and, if you're so inclined, a bat!  
  • Parents' Online Registration Instructions  - This is a link to the Sports Connect instructions for registering your player online!  
  • Prince William Lassie League 2018 Photo Schedule * - This is the photo schedule for the team photo sessions on April 14! (updated 4/11/2018) 
  • Prince William Lassie League Day at Dick's Sporting Goods* - This is a major sale to support the members of the PWLL! (2/16/2017)
  • Player Registration form * - This contains the printed player registration form in English.  (12/29/2023)
  • PWLL 2024 Budget * - This is our high-level operating budget for 2021.  If you have questions about it, please contact our Treasurer at [email protected]!      (updated 12/13/2023)
  • PWLL 2019 Medical Authorization Form * - This is our standard medical authorization form.  (updated 4/4/2019)
  • PWLL 2017 Photo Order Envelope * - here's a PDF containing the front and back sides of the photo order envelope in case you lost yours!  (5/11/2017)
  • PWLL 2017 Photo Schedule * - Here's a schedule of photo sessions for May 13, 2017!  (5/11/2017)
  • PWLL Bylaws * - These are our current bylaws, pending signature.
  • PWLL Operations Manual * - Consolidation of the PWLL policies and procedures, a living document that will continue to be updated! (updated 9/2/2023)
  • PWLL Injury and Incident Report Form * - Data collection form and instructions from pages 39-40 of the PWLL Operations Manual just above. 
  • PWLL Registration Refund Policy - This contains the current PWLL refund policy governing payments made to the League.   
  • PWLL Scholarship Information Package *- If your player is graduating in 2017 and will attend college in the fall, you will want to look at this!  (updated 1/15/2018)
  • PWLL Skills Clinic Registration Form * - Use this to register for the skills clinics!  (new 7/24/2019)
  • PWLL Skills Clinic Formulario de Registracion * - Este contiene la forma de registracion en español. (new 7/24/2019)
  • PWLL Social Media Policy * - This policy will be followed by all PWLL players, parents, adult staff and volunteers. 
  • Sample Donation Solicitation Letter - If you need a sample donation solicitation letter, please print this customizable Word document!
  • School Flyer - English and Spanish * - This is the full-color flyer distributed to local elementary schools during the registration season. 
  • Skills Clinic Registration Form * - Use this form to sign up for the August 2018 Summer Skills Clinics!  (updated 7/27/2018)
  • Sponsorship Form - League * - Use this form if you want to be a PWLL sponsor without being associated with a single team.  
  • Sponsorship Form - Team * - Use this form if you want to sponsor a PWLL team.   

*You'll need a current copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, downloadable for free from Adobe, to read this file.