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Girls' Slow Pitch Recreational Softball

Prince William Lassie League Scholarship

The Prince William Lassie League scholarship is the current League scholarship and is dedicated to the memories of those who supported the PWLL in years past but who are no longer with us.  our In Memorium page will appear soon and will tell the stories of those who have gone on.

There are three requirements each applicant must meet to qualify for this scholarship and which she should submit to the Scholarship Board:

  • Requirement one - Graduate from High School the year you apply. (This will be verified by meeting requirement three.)


  • Requirement two - Write a 500 word essay describing yourself and your future plans. The essay should include your achievements both academically and in the community (any volunteer work or help you provide to other non- profit organizations). Describe your time spent in the Lassie League and what it has done for you and/or what you’ve done for the league. Most importantly, describe why you deserve to be awarded the scholarship and how you intend to use that scholarship to further your education or future plans. Additional information about yourself you feel pertinent is also encouraged. This is a great opportunity for you to write a “resume” about yourself that you can use in the future.


  • Requirement three - You must provide a signed letter addressed to the Prince William County School Board granting permission for the Prince William Lassie League Scholarship Board to acquire a copy of your (applicants) GPA.  Don’t forget to provide your signature at the bottom of the letter.


All scholarship applications must be submitted to the Scholarship Board no later than June 7th of the year you apply. Applicants can submit their applications one of three ways:

  • Give it to your coach, who in turn will give it to a board member.


  • Give it directly to any Prince William Lassie League board member.   Board members are listed on the Board of Directors page.


  • Mail it directly to the board. If you wish to mail your application, address it as follows:

Prince William Lassie League
Attention: Prince William Lassiel League Scholarship
PO Box 1706
Woodbridge, VA. 22195-1706

If you choose to mail your application just make sure that it will arrive no later than May 31st. The winner will be announced at the Closing Day ceremonies at the end of the season. Attendance at the Closing Day ceremonies is highly encouraged in order to know you received the scholarship award!


You can download the scholarship flyer which includes a letter you can submit for requirement 3 (above) and which also includes these instructions on our Documents Page - just look for the "PWLL Scholarship Information Package"!