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Girls' Slow Pitch Recreational Softball

PWLL Spring 2021 Team Photo Schedule

Pictures will be taken at Cloverdale Park by the tennis courts on April 17, 2021, per the following schedule.

Cloverdale Park is at 15150 Cloverdale Road, Dale City, VA 22193.  Click here for the county park website with directions to Cloverdale.

08:15am - Wildcats
08:30am - Storm
08:45am - Herricanes
09:00am - Angels
09:15am - Stunnerz
10:30am - Unicorns
10:45am - Lady Predators
11:00am - Bunnies
11:15am - Alligators


Olson Photography is adopting the following procedures to make picture day as safe and enjoyable as possible. Please review them at your convenience.

The players will be instructed to line up at the photographer;€™s station with 6 feet of separation between players. The players that are ordering pictures will place their envelopes in the bucket by the photographer when it'€™s their turn for their individual picture. There will be no need for any contact with our employees or other players.

The biggest change this season to promote social distancing is that we will not be setting up the traditional team photo where the players are in close contact with each other. Instead, we will make a composite team photo from all of the individual pictures that are taken (including coaches).

Each player and each coach will have their individual picture taken whether they are ordering pictures or not. Once the individual picture is taken, that person is free to leave. This will keep their time on site to a minimum. There should be no contact with any other players or with the photo staff.

We highly recommend and encourage that all players bring their own prop (soccer ball, baseball bat etc.) so there is no sharing with other players. Olson Photography has always supplied props in the past, but we will not be doing that this spring to promote safety.

We also encourage that all players and coaches wear a mask to the shoot. They will take them off when it is their turn to have their picture taken.

Olson Photography employees will wear face masks.

Hand sanitizer will be available at all shoots.

Questions?  Please don't hesitate to call Patrick Ware, our President, at 571-393-3938 or email him at [email protected].