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Girls' Slow Pitch Recreational Softball

Doug Herbert

Doug Herbert was a wonderful father and coach.

Doug started the PWLL team called the œAngels back in the early 2000™s. The Angels were undefeated for years, and it was because of his coaching that made the angels who they are today. Doug was strict, but fair!

For example, if we missed a ball or made a sloppy throw, we had to do a lap (when we practiced at Cloverdale, we were made to run to and from the Gazebo). Teamwork was very important to Doug and to the success of the team. For instance, if two people were not paying attention during practice and were slacking off, the whole team would have to do laps.  After some wins he would take the angels out for ice cream, pizza or even Slurpee™s!

Doug was slightly unorganized but he always made sure to have the equipment for his ladies. Doug Herbert LOVED his Angels and he was so very pleased of them! Every practice he would see improvements and every game he would feel so proud.

Doug Herbert was a very important part of PWLL and he loved coaching more than anyone could possibly imagine. Doug became good friends with the other coaches and umpires, always looking for good chats about softball.

Softball was Doug'™s passion and sharing his knowledge and experience of the sport with others is what made him happy, and watching his team improve as result of this, made him very proud!!

Doug and his Angels