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Prince William Lassie League Hall of Fame

Congratulations to our 2019 Prince William Lassie League Hall of Fame Inductees!

This year, Ted Lyons, Greg Lambert and Brandi Settle were all inducted to our Hall of Fame!

  Hall of Fame in 2014

The Prince William Lassie League inducts individuals who have provided exemplary service, and former players who have exhibited superior playing skills and who demonstrate a dedication to the League into the Hall of Fame every 5 years.  The players and adult members who have been inducted into the Prince William Lassie League's Hall of Fame appear below.

Hall of Fame Members

Coaches, Board Members and Community Leaders
                                                 (in alphabetic order)
Herb Abraham
Erica Chapman
Charles Atreed Jessica Hartel
Karen Atreed Brandi Settle
Harry Bell Donna Poillucci
Doris Davis
Ron Dull
Barry Farber
Bob Jennings
John Jenkins
Mary Jones
Gary King
Greg Lambert
Ted Lyons
Jack Paddie
Donna Poillucci
Bruce Roth
Bill Rutherford
Brandi Settle
Carrie Suthard
Mark Suthard

Nominations for the Hall of Fame may be sent to the President at [email protected]. Nominations must include the nominee's name, email address, phone number, address (if available), and a detailed description of why you feel the individual should be inducted in to the PWLL Hall of Fame. Players are eligible once they are over 18 years old, and 5 years have passed since they last played in the League. Coaches, Board Members and Community Leaders must have provided consistent service to the League for not less than 5 years.